What is Handphone Spy and how does it work?

Handphone Spy is a powerful mobile phone monitoring aplication that can be used to install into any iPhone, Blackberry device or Android phone. Handphone Spy is primarily used for monitoring children’s mobile phone activities and/or employees mobile activities. It works invisbilly and uploads the phone’s information to HandphoneSpy’s server. You can then view the data via the web using any internet connected device like a home computer, an office computer, a tablet or even a smartphone.

Will the monitored phone user know that Handphone Spy is installed on their Phone?

HandphoneSpy works in the background and is invisible to the monitored hand phone user.

Is Handphone Spy expensive?

We cost less than a can of coke a day to use! Compared with hiring a private investigator to monitor your children or your employees, using our mobile phone monitoring software is definitely a bargain!

Do I require physical access to the target phone in order to install the software?

Yes, physical access of the smartphone is required. Installation of our Handphone Spy software is very easy and quick. The installation process takes only a few minutes. Once installed our software becomes almost undetectable.

The target phone is an iPhone. Does the iPhone need to be jailbroken?

Yes, the target phone needs to be jailbroken. We currently support all jailbroken iPhones up to iOS 6.12.

Can I install your software on the target phone remotely without having physically access to the target phone?

You will need physical access to the target phone, in order to install the software. We currently do not know of any other similiar spy software product on the market, that is able to remotely install their software on a target phone without any physical access to the phone.

Do I need any other special software in order for Handphone Spy to work?

You do not need any other special software in order for Handphone Spy to work. You do, however, need Internet access and a web browser in order to view the details of your target phone

Does Handphone Spy support my phone?

Handphone Spy currently supports Android, Blackberry, iPhone and Window Mobile Phones.

Does your iPhone Spy software support languages other than English?

Handphone Spy supports a wide range of languages. We understand that there are different languages and different language scripts in this world. So one of our formost requirements, when we built this sofware was to ensure that all languages were supported.

Do you provide technical support?

Yes, we do provide 24 days a week, 7 days a week live support. You can find out more about our customer support.

I am not technical at all. Is installing Handphone Spy difficult?

You do not need to be a mobile phone expert to install our software. Handphone Spy is very easy to install, that even our non technical grandparents can install it. All you need to do is follow our easy guides to install our software.

Why do I need Handphone Spy?

You need this application if you are a concerned parent, concerned about the mobile phone activities of your child or if you are an employer concerned about your employees using or cheating your company.